Upkeep and Mounting

Every birdhouse is built weather resistant and designed to be a comfy home for birds. Below are instructions for cleaning and mounting your birdhouse onto a steel pole, should you desire to do so.

Cleaning: Simply remove the screws that attach the roof (typically 4). If the roof consists of two panels, only one side panel needs to be removed. Clean out the inside and replace the roof panel.

Pole Mounting

Go to the plumbing section of a hardware store (pictures below are from a Home Depot). You need a threaded “Galvanized Floor Flange” (A), you can get either a 1/2” or a 3/4” depending on what size pipe you want. Then buy the threaded pipe (B) at whatever length you want (at least 1 foot of pipe needs to be underground). They will cut the pipe if necessary for no charge. Then pick up one container of Quikrete (C) red label, and a bag of pea gravel (D) in gardening section.  

Items Needed


Steps for Mounting

  1. Center the flange on the bottom of the Bird Abode and screw to base
  2. Dig hole (1 to 1&1/2 feet deep), and 1 foot wide
  3. Position pole in the center of the hole (make sure threads are not in the hole!) and while holding, pour in the pea gravel
  4. Place a level on the pole and center it
  5. Open Quikrete and pour into bucket, then add water and mix until you are able to poor it over the gravel (should be the consistency of a milkshake… wet enough so that it seeps down into the gravel)
  6. Check again to make sure the pole is level, and then shovel dirt back into the hole to cover the gravel
  7. Let sit for a couple of hours and then screw Bird Abode onto pole. If you rub a generous amount of Vaseline on the treads it will prevent rust
  8. Spray paint the pole any color you like